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        SHANTOU EAST ASIA PLASTIC INDUSTRIALL LIMITED(Jun industry Plastic Products Factory) is located in the eastern region of Guangdong Province, is a larger scale, professional production and sales of new rigid PVC pellets, recycled aggregates, modified plastics flame retardant ABS + PVC pellet production enterprises.

Tel: 86-754-84442596
Fax: 86-754-84462596
Address:Guiyu Town, Longgang Village in Chaoyang District, Shantou City


  • 橙色粒料(瓦片)

  • 绿色粒料(圣诞树叶)

  • 蓝色吹膜

  • 蓝色吹膜(扫把膜)

  • 建材类08

  • 浅灰地拖

  • ABS改性白灰

  • 乳白面板